Other Services

At 1st Equity Bank, we have many helpful services to offer our customers besides just a bank account.

Night Deposit

If you can’t make it to the bank during regular business hours, we have a night depository where you can make your deposit at any time of the day—or night!  We have one night depository located on the south side of the building. 

 You can make your deposit assured that it is safe and secure.  If you choose to use our night deposit your deposit will be processed on the next business day.

Wire Transfers

Need to get money somewhere quick. If you hold an account at 1st Equity Bank, we will be happy to wire funds from one of your accounts for you. A service fee does apply.

Coin Counter

We all have a place to collect our loose coin. When you rjar is full, customers are welcome to bring their coin to a 1st Equity Bank Teller for counting. There is a 10% service charge for the service. The service charge will automatically be adjusted and appear on your receipt. If you are bringing in a significant amount of coin, please call ahead for approval.